Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lonely pinecone



This pinecone is smaller than your pinkie finger and is on one of the hemlock trees lining part of the driveway.

Thanks for all your warm wishes regarding my hand. It's difficult to type but surprisingly easy to work in Photoshop becauseI don't use a mouse (I use a laptop). However, I can't hold a camera yet, so am resorting to file photos.

I got the frame action at MCP actions as a free sample after reading a post written by Donna Boucher at Quiet Life. She is always introducing me to interesting new things.

I know what I wrote inside the frames is silly, but I wrote this last night while using chardonnay as a pain reliever and this is what happens.


Kerri said...

I LOVE what you wrote in the pine cone frames!! Great shots....and hope you heal quickly!!

Mary said...

Dear Kate,
I love the captions, too. Besides, what fun is life if we can't get a little goofy at times? The macros are beautiful and the frames are really cool.

Feel better soon! I just now found out about your accident over at your other blog... Sending happy and healing thoughts your way!

Daryl said...

Frames and remarks are sweet .. did you use PSE for frames.. because I am so stubborn and dont bother to read to learn I only just discovered the frames and other cutesy stuff ...

Feel better soon!


Country Girl said...

used photoshop cs2 and an action i downloaded as a free sample at mcp actionsw. It creates the frame for you. haven't learned how to manipulate it yet, though,

~ c.g.

Becky and Gary said...

Frames make photos so special. Those Hemlock cones ARE so tiny. We have lots of them here too. Awsome pictures!
Get better soon.

Shimmy Mom said...

Great photos Kate. i love the framing and color. I even like what you wrote on them. They'd make a perfect addition to a children's book.
Get better soon!

Kacey said...

Ah, alcohol as a pain reliever. Highly recommended. Good to know that a person can still photoshop with an injured finger!! What a nice way to pass the time.

Country Girl said...

oh, it totally is, kacey! i finally finished my niece's christmas gift: a photo albu, of her graduation party this summer. i did it on shutterfly. i love shutterfly!