Friday, January 2, 2009

Going green at our place

Well, in this photo at least. Taken New Year's Day morning with the macro lens. This is the aloe plant that we keep on the kitchen windowsill on the eastern side of the house. I just love how green and lush it looks.


Mental P Mama said...

Please tell me what lens I need now;)

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Did you do any post processing or is this SOOC?


Mary said...

That is SO beautiful! And yes, that shot of green was just what I needed on this gray morning. :)

Country Girl said...

Yes. I removed some little chunks of dirt and then ran PW's Lovely & Ethereal on it, turning the opacity down about 40%. That's it.
I sent you an e-mail.

Sara G said...

Just beautiful!!
Happy New Year!!

dlyn said...

Just when I think I can live without a macro lens for a few more months, you post this! :P

Country Girl said...

Dlyn, I think that maybe you should just go get that lens. Whatever you're using now is awesome, though!

~ C.G.

Chris1 said...

So lovely! =)