Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild thing

When I was a very young child, I ate some wild mushrooms that looked just like this. They were growing in the shade in our front yard in Broomall, PA. This is a true story. I remember our pediatrician being called and than having to drink something awful and then, well let's not go there. Maybe that's what happened to me. I wonder sometimes . . .


Louise said...

I guess I was lucky I never liked mushrooms, because if I had, I probably would have eaten any of them I found.

Beautiful picture, though!

Mary said...

Oh I love this, Kate -- so soft and dreamy.
do you suppose that's what the whole world looks like when you eat a wild mushroom?

Stanley said...

Cool. Nice macro shot =) I think all of us were very curious as kids. But at least you're ok right now! Do you remember how it taste like?

Country Girl said...

I want to say that it tasted like chicken.

But it really tasted like mushrooms. Really earthy, spongy.

~ C.G.

dlyn said...

I ate these mushrooms one time .... a friend gave them to me .... he told me they were just the regular kind ....the next thing I knew.... - oh never mind! great shot K!

Shimmy Mom said...

Luckily I never liked mushrooms so I haven't made that mistake, but I did eat some bad grapes off a very neglected grapevine when I was about 6 and I lost them all in the middle of the night about 4 hours later. The things we do as unsuspecting, trusting kids.
Glad you had a fun weekend.

Country Girl said...

Ah ha, Dlyn! I knew you were a wild thang!

Shimmy, I'm grapefully sorry to hear about your experience with wilted and dried up fruit.

~ C.G.

Suzette said...

My daughter is certain I am going to croak from eating wild things. I'm not going to let her see this blog!