Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love me tender

Lariope blooms along my front walk. I love the bokeh produced from the macro lens.

Love me tender, Love me true.
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin', I love you. And I always will.


Daryl said...

NICE ... I dont 'get' the whole bokeh thing but I love macros ... it was the one feature I had to have when I got my Olympus ...


Suzette said...

Yummy! In my head, I yelled "bokeh!" the minute the page opened. Gotta get me one o'them lenses!

Mary said...

SO pretty! I'm lovin' that bokeh, too!

Louise said...

I'm so glad you found out what this was. When I saw it in my reader, I thought, "OH, I wish I remembered where I saw this before because it has a name with it." Then I saw it was you, and I was pretty sure that's where I had seen it. Another beautiful shot.

Annie said...

what a lovely photo..glad you reminded us to hop over here Kate...your photos are always amazing!