Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cyclamen in watercolor


Yes, this is different. I like to try new things and have recently joined Paintbox Pictures. There's an icon to visit this site over on the right side of this blog.
I achieved this look in Photoshop CS2, using the watercolor filter, followed by the paint daub filter, adjusting the brush strokes until I liked how they looked.
I'm not sure how it will go over with regular readers of this blog, but then I reminded myself that this is my blog and I can do what I want. Ok. I feel better now.


Shimmy Mom said...

I think it's lovely. But then I like to try new things too.
I really like playing with pics like that too. I just haven't liked how mine turned out enough to share them. I need to learn the programs better.

Kerri said...

OH this is great! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

I just left a comment on your Saffron Surprise on PB pics too! I LOVE to play with my shots!

Louise said...

Someone suggested to me that I keep a few seeds and grow my own. Living in a high desert, I know I never could. Things grow here if we baby them, and then not very well a lot of the time. I just lost an ornamental cherry tree. If you can grow other fruit, however, it might be worth a try!

Mary said...

Oh Kate, I LOVE it!!! That is so beautiful! Now I really have to get my act together and load PS!

Judyann said...

Love the look. It's almost like stained glass. This would be a great filter to use if your photo wasn't tack sharp, but you still liked it anyway.

Sara G said...

Beautiful!! Just like all your other pictures.

Country Girl said...

Well, thanks all.

Louise, I bought the cyclamen during the wintertime and took photos of it under my new Ott Lite and posted them on my blog. I was looking for pictures to play with and remembered this one.

And Rich, I'm sorry that yesterday's leaf depressed you. I know how much you adore summertime.

(Rich is my fun co-worker and our business manager at school. He rarely comments in here unless he's VERY MOVED by something. He likes to call me on my line at school every morning and critique everything I've posted. It amuses me no end.)

Suzette said...

I LOVE playing with such filters. I throw one in on my blog every now and then. I use them to salvage otherwise lifeless photos, and I've gotten some really NEAT effects. Like this one! Thanks for the link to Paintbox Pictures. I'll have to check it out.