Sunday, April 26, 2009


Shy violets
I have several tiny glass containers that I would find in different places I've lived. On farms, there always seems to be a 'glass dump' where the former occupants would dump anything from old medicine bottles to cider jugs. Most of it would be broken, but if you were careful, you could find some very interesting things. This little bouquet of violets fits perfectly in this old pill jar. Hope your day is sweet.


Maria said...


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely. My husband was wanting to throw away a tiny glass vase the other day. I stopped him, because it was perfect for tiny bouquets just like this one!

DesertHen said...

Very sweet.

Happy Sunday.

Som mine dager er said...

In a pill jar?! Yes, why not. It is so charming to put small flowers in all kinds of small glass jars. You gave me an idea ... ;-)

Have a nice week.


elk said...

oh this is so cute....elk

Mary said...

SO beautiful!!!