Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A fungus among us

I take a lot of mushroom photographs, mainly because I think they're interesting. But I think this one is beautiful. Yes, you can call me crazy, but take a close look at this. This is a mushroom whose cap has turned all the way upwards, revealing the intricate underside. It won't last long this way, I'd venture to guess. And I'm lucky to have seen it today.


Mindy said...

You take wonderful photographs. I just came across your site via the black box widget and wanted to say hi!

Jeannelle said...

Yes, a mushroom's underside is simply fascinating! And, you've caught this one in a unique position!

Anna said...

Mushrooms and other fungi are fascinating subjects to take photos of!

This one is really interesting. A good catch.


Shimmy Mom said...

That is one cool shot. It does almost look pretty. And the name is genius. Good job.

Country Girl said...

Welcome to Mindy. Glad to see you.

Thanks, all. Have a wonderful day!

~ C.G.

Mary said...

That IS beautiful. I always find them so mysterious -- the way they pop up seemingly overnight.

Enjoy your day!

Adventure girl said...

I love the waves of lines on the under side!
I've never seen one do this!

Unknown said...

I too find mushrooms interesting!

Kerri Farley said...

Oh, I LOVE to take shots of mushrooms too! This is SO NEAT! I've never seen on turned up like this. What a unique underside it has.

Great shot!!