Monday, July 7, 2008

Wake up, little sleepyhead


No, you're not seeing double here. This is a new blog and I just heard from a viewer, who's using Firefox, that the pictures are cut off. I'm using a 22" inch screen. The picture in this post has been set to 640 pixels which should cover standard screens (I think). The picture in the duplicate post is set to 1000 pixels.
If you do not see a complete border around each picture, it's been cut off. Please let me know if anyone is having problems. I want to do this right!


Working Mom said...

I love these! I didn't know you had a photography blog as well. Glad i found it! I may have read this on your other blog and forgot, but what kind of camera do you have?
You have a great eye and a true talent!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I'm enjoying this new blog with the larger pictures. The first (most recent date July 7)one on the page has a complete border; all the others are missing the fine-line border on the right hand side.

Country Girl said...

Thanks, WM. I started it one night just for kicks. I've been fooling around with page layouts for several weeks and finally decided to just do it.
I put a blurb about the camera on the side after you asked. But it's a Nikon D80. I love it.

Country Girl said...

Ok. I think I know what's happening. I need to set them all to 640 pixels. They won't be as large and pretty, but people with smaller screens will be able to see the entire picture and that's what I want. My screen is big at 22" and my pictures practically fill up the page.
Thanks, Pat!!

Mary said...

Hey Kate, I have a small laptop, and the only picture with a complete border is the top one. I have been sizing them at 640... you can do it in the edit HTML window. Just change "s400" to "s640."

Great picture! Isn't this fun?!

amanda said...

Hi Kate!

I have a Nikon D80 as well - LOVE IT! I am also just learning and starting my own photography business. Stop by my place anytime!

What lenses are you using for your macro shots? I'm shopping for a good one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate! What fun. I didn't know you had this blog! I'm adding it to my feedreader as we speak!