Sunday, July 20, 2008

George meets some new animals


There are 4 miniature donkeys on the farm where we've just moved and two of them got very close to the fence to meet George. They seem pretty friendly to me and George seemed very interested. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. Hope you're keeping cool.


Louise said...

Donkeys are fun. I had to go find a picture of George for this. I'd say he will hold his own if the donkeys get a little rambunctious, but I've had dogs that haven't. Border collies are smart, however, and have a herding instinct in them, so would stay away from the legs.

Have the donkeys been your alarm clock yet? (We used to have them when I lived with my parents.)

Sarah S. said...

Very cute picture. I have always wanted a miniture donkey.

Shimmy Mom said...

AWWW I love donkeys they are so cute and they is something endearing about them. I hope that they and George become the best of friends.

Mary said...

Awwww, just look at those faces! Does George have some new best buds?