Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm out standing in my field


Or am I outstanding in my field? Either way, I took this picture on Saturday while I was taking a walk with George at our new place. Found this cow and I think it's a Hereford. Maybe Jeannelle can help me out here. Regardless, it's beautiful here in Pennsylvania. And I am happy.


Shimmy Mom said...

Which ever kind, that is one BIG cow. Cows are amazing. My kids love to play with the calves at the dairy when we go to pick up milk on Fridays. It looks just beautiful. I've always loved PA. I have a really good friend that lives there. She lives and works in a National Park. Whata life huh?
*hugs* Shimmy Mom

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

So happy you're happy :)

Mary said...

We have some cows at a farm down the road, and I have been wanting to go and take some pics. We really do have very similar thoughts!

I'm so glad you are happy at the new place! :)

Country Girl said...

Shimmy, if you think this cow is big, you need to see the one about a mile down the road from here. He's like Paul Bunyon's steer, "Babe". And today, I saw a female with him. She's almost as huge. Yeah, there's some big cows here in PA.

Mary, we do think alike. It's a fact.

Debra, I truly am.

~ C.G.

Karen said...

That's really cute! You know I only found your photo-a-day blog a couple of days ago. I've been following your other blog ever since you visited my blog but for some reason I never looked at your links or read closely enough to realize that you had a photo blog too. Duh me!

dlyn said...

Look like a Hereford to me Kate - he's purty!

Country Girl said...

It's ok, Karen. I just slipped it in there, so don't feel bad!

He is purty, isn't he, Dlyn? And I love how green the grass is here. Even though we're only an hour north of where we lived in Maryland, the grass there is brown and crisp in a lot of places. Poor water-retention in that soil, I guess.

~ C.G.

Donna Boucher said...

Great shot!!!

Jeannelle said...

Yeah, he or she looks like a Hereford, of the beef cattle persuasion. Quite a serious facial expression going on there!