Monday, August 6, 2012

Zinnia love

Zinnia love

No matter the weather here in Maryland, be it drought or deluge, the zinnias in the side yard by the patio never fail to delight me.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness, this is fabulous.❦❧
I have one single zinnia plant that made it this year between the bunnies and the dry dry spring. This one came up in my rose pot and I am soooo excited. I've never grown zinnas and I can't wait to see it open and what color it will be. Maybe even paint a study. I've never done multi petal flowers before.
Hope your summer is wonderful, mine is long, wonderful and confusing.
peace n abundance,

Anonymous said...

Cool, maybe you could do a "picture a day" again. You don't even have to say anything.

seester again

Mental P Mama said...

Such resilient flowers. I'm rather fond of them, too.

Jan's camera said...

I love zinnias also. I bought a beautiful pot full of zinnias for my porch but nothing will live on my porch because of the full afternoon sun. Sadly they didn't make it. Do you use a texture to get the background blurred like that or is it just the natural DOF?